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VeriGold Sound Ltd


How to perform a test?

1. Choose the coin you are going to test.

CoinTrust test - Step 1

2. Choose the coin you are going to test.

CoinTrust test - Step 2

3. Carefully compare it with the picture and description.

CoinTrust test - Step 3

4. Press the recording button

CoinTrust test - Step 4

...and gently spin the coin.
Stop the recording by pressing the button again or wait 5 seconds.

5. You will see the test result on your screen.

CoinTrust test - Step 5


How to spin a coin? / How to make a ring?

Gently spin your coin on a hard surface (see below). Do not throw it and do not spin it too strongly.


What is the most appropriate surface?

The most suitable surface is a hard, wooden table or countertop, or any similar place which does not deaden sound. Thick wooden table tops are the best. Stone, concrete or ceramic surfaces (like kitchen floors or windowsills) are acceptable. Do not carry out the test on plastic or glass surfaces.

Recommended minimum thickness of the surface is 2cm (1").

Clean the surface. If, for any reason, the coin does not ring or sounds muffled - change the place of your test. Listen to the sample recording of a correct "ring": Listen to the correct ring.


Is the CoinTrust test safe for my coins?

Yes. If you follow our instruction, the test is completely safe and do not damage your coins.


When will other patterns of coins be available?

See planned dates of release on page Coins / Bars.


...and what about gold/silver bars?

Bars will be available as soon as we finish preparing patterns. Unfortunately we didn't manage to solve the problem of reliable and repetitive way of obtaining sound from bars. If we find the solution, you will find release dates on page Coins / Bars. Feel free to send us your opinions and ideas as well as suggestions.


When are you going to release Android version of your app?

We stopped development of the CoinTrust for Android for an indefinite period.